Monday, November 3, 2008

All In Him - Lyrics Included

To all my fellow Oneness, Apostolic, Pentecostal, Jesus Name people,
For shame, for shame, for shame!

I went looking online for lyrics to the song "All In Him" and it is posted nowhere!!!! What I did find was site after site that talked about His name(s) but then said He is part of the Trinity. One site even said in it's listing, "OUR Prince of Peace? OUR Everlasting Father? OUR Mighty God? .... So Jesus cannot be THE TRUE GOD but he is designated with the title "God" ..."

I recently was on Youtube...which I try to limit my use of...and was listening to a song by Kirk Franklin. The lyrics were the "video" and at the end, there was an ad for a United Pentecostal Church back East. In this video, the lyrics say that Jesus is the true son. second in the Godhead. Again, WHAT?

So, I posted this comment to the video: "Hello, I have one question! If you are an UPC church, why do you have a song that talks about Jesus being the second in the trinity as an ad for your services?? Jesus IS God in the flesh and there is NO trinity in the Bible! He IS the First, the Last, the ONLY way!!"

The person who had posted the ad replied: "yeah! i agree with everything you said (your beliefs) but i liked the overall message of the song and to be honest i didn't realize it said that!
thanks for your concern!"

How can we allow the One God message not to be our clarion call??? If we are posting an ad for services, shouldn't we have songs, lyrics, etc. that proclaim WHO Jesus is? We definitely should not have a song that features the trinity!!! How confusing!!!

So, I am posting the words to the song, "All In Him" and hoping that now when someone does an online search, they will find this song that declares that Jesus is God!!

All In Him
by: George Farrow

Verse 1

The mighty God is Jesus
The Prince of Peace is He
The Everlasting Father
The King Eternally
The Wonderful in wisdom
By whom all things were made
The fullness of the Godhead
in Jesus is displayed

Verse 2
Emmanuel God with us
Jehovah Lord of hosts
The omnipresent Spirit
Who fills the universe
The Advocate The High Priest
The Lamb for sinners slain
The Author of redemption
Oh glory to His name

Verse 3
The Alpha and Omega
Beginning and the End
The Living Word incarnate
The helpless sinner's friend
Our wisdom and perfection
Our righteousness and power
Yea all we need in Jesus
We find this very hour

Verse 4
Our God for whom we've waited
Will be the glad refrain
Of Israel recreated
When Jesus comes again
Lo He will come and save us
Our King and Priest to be
For in Him dwells all fullness
And Lord of All is He

It's all in Him
It's all in Him
The fullness of the Godhead is all in Him
It's all in Him
It's all in Him
The Mighty God is Jesus and
It's all in Him