Saturday, October 4, 2008

SpEcIaL DaY FoR A SpEcIaL YoUnG LaDy!

Happy Birthday, Jessi!!!!!!!

Jessica Lenae McVay, a very special part of my life, turned 12 today!!!

I can't believe she is already 12, it seems like only yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital; a tiny, chubby, bundle of sweetness! And now, according to this website she is in the youth group at church! WAIT!!!! I am not ready for a second kid to escort to the myriad youth activities, prayer meetings, and such!!!! Unfortunately, it doesn't matter if I am ready or not. Jessica IS ready and time marches on!

Marissa and I have had a fun day planned for Jessi all week and actually managed to keep it a secret!!! We woke her up and told her we had to have a cake to the church by 9. We really did have a cake to take for the Men's Meeting at ILC today. However, the cake could have been taken later but we were meeting Sarah Booker and her girls for a day of shopping and a trip to the beach. We went shopping in the O.C. and then headed to Newport Beach for some fun in the water.

Here are some pictures of Jessica, Marissa, and Natalya having a blast in the surf and then in the sand.

After we got home, we had Jessi's favorite Pizza, Hawaiian Style, and then had cake. Marissa made the cake and it was delicious!

Jessica, I love you so much! I hope you have had a fun day and enjoy your purchases (and the sand you will keep finding in the most unlikely spots for a while, LOL) for a long time to come. You are a beautiful young lady who has a bright future. You can be whatever you want to be. Just remember to always put God first and to serve Him with all your heart, mind soul. Do Mom and Dad a favor, okay? Slow down, don't rush the future so fast. Enjoy your teen years, make lots of friends, win souls, and quit worrying about boys! YUCK!! Remember, you can't date until after you are married! LOL No, really! We will think about letting you like boys when you are about 30. :) Okay, how about 18? Think about it. You can finish school without all the drama of a boyfriend, stay pure, and maybe even decide to wait on dating until you are finished with college??? That way you will have had plenty of time to mature and be ready for all the curve balls that a relationship can throw your way! You make me so proud to be your Mom! Thank you for loving the Lord and for trying hard to do what will please Him! Again, keep Him first in everything! Love you forever, to the moon and back, till the cows come home and pigs fly!!! Muah! Mom