Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm Back!

Hello all! I was checking my e-mail and getting ready to head to bed tonight around 9:30 when it hit me that I hadn't blogged in a few weeks. I signed in and started checking out my favorite blogs. Now here it is after 11 and I am still awake. Amazing since the last few night I have been in bed by 10.

My body and brain are exhausted from the last few weeks of outreach, drama practice, homework, school, work, church, outreach, drama practice, homework, school....well, you get the picture! It was neat tonight to log on, catch up on everyone's blogs and lives, and still be awake to enjoy it. LOL I have two weeks left in two of my 5 classes and I can't wait until that is over!

I will come back again soon and catch everyone up on life and so on at the McVay house. Don't give up on me....I am back...and I'll keep coming back.