Thursday, December 13, 2007

Operation Holly Pics

This year the Children of Praise put on a performance of Bows of Holly. I am blessed to have a wonderful friend, HollyBren, who shared her pictures with me. My camera decided to play hide-and-seek, waah. So, HollyBren, who did NOT have the play named after her per Bro. Booker, took some awesome pictures of my kids, as well as the rest of COP, and I will share them now with you!
Holly and her crew during one of the rehearsals
Holly was played by Destinee Martin
and Jessica was Molly

The Children of Praise Choir
Look! It snowed inside ILC!!!

Molly and Holly had a minor disagreement over who should be in charge and
what the name of the Operation should be called.
Holly! Molly! Holly!! Molly!!

Zachary Garrett as David
He looks hard at work, doesn't he?

The Gang of Needy Kids who are getting
ready to go and partake of Holly's stash of goodies!
It's not stealing...They "need-y" them!

Holly has discovered the thievery! Woe is she!!!
Molly is trying to determine what happened.
Holly is upset that her "rep" will be damaged.
She even has a Fan Club and thinks she may lose it.

David, Molly and the other workers look for clues as to who took the food and toys.
Hmmm...look at this newspaper has a map drawn on it...
Let's see where it leads!

The Gang is having a blast after absconding with the food and toys.
They were 'light on their feet, they go with the flow'
(words to a "rap" style song they sang as they committed their crime)

Check out the hairdo!!! Nate was one of the Gang leaders!

Justin played Brad, one of the gang.
He was worried about getting caught and being taken to juvie.
Jessica as Molly during a scene.
Beautiful JessiBear!!

Jessi and Zach listening to Holly as she get ready to confront the gang.
They reminded her about being a blessing and letting your light shine to ALL the world.

Singing about letting your light shine.
Holly confronts the gang. However, she realizes that she should forgive and show God's mercy and grace to these kids.
Brad is happy he isn't going to juvie!!
Miss Emily Thomas
Miss Vanessa Sanchez in the stripes

Miss Amanda Thomas....isn't she a doll?

For more great pictures of the play, visit!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hang Loose vs. Rock Star Laughs

These are a couple of pictures of my co-workers. We are Supplemental Instructor Leaders at Riverside Community College. Last Friday, we had our last mandatory in-service for the semester. Our Esteemed Marquis, Gilbert has decided to give up his exalted position and a new Marquessa ?, Trisha, was crowned. Gilbert has made this semester quite interesting with his nicknames and proper English throwbacks. Our Dean was called the Queen and the SI's were called Counts and Countesses. It was quite a hoot!!! Lots of fun working with this group and I look forward to working with them again next semester.

The picture below has me acting the goof that I am. We, the three speech Countesses, Amy, Irma and I, had given a mock SI session during the meeting. I had acted the goof-off, lazy, half-interested student while Amy was the Model Student (which as SI's we are to enbody) while Irma was the exalted SI leader for our mock session. During the skit, I am learning about Johari's Window and the open, blind, hidden and unknown areas of self-concept when I determine that one of my unknowns could possibly be that I could grow up and become a "rock star." (Now, fellow saints, remember this was just an act and I have NO desire to be a rock star.) The reason we included this is because I used the hang loose sign during one of our practices and Amy corrected me and showed me the real rocker sign. It was hilarious because as you can see, I look nothing like a rock star nor know much about them either, as exhibited by the hang loose sign! LOL

My fellow Counts and Countesses, as well as the Marquis, had quite the laugh at my expense. the picture below, I am recounting my "moment" for the camera. HAHAHAHA I know this: they will not soon forget our mock SI session because it was so funny and entertaining.

P.S. From the above picture, you can tell that I have NO problem being the center of attention!! LOL Gotta love it!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shopping Joys?

Alas, I am SO behind in my preparations for Christmas! Normally, I am 75% or more done by now with my shopping. The only thing I can think of as to why I am so far behind is working AND going to school this semester. I honestly have no idea WHEN I will get to finish my shopping since I work 5 days a week and there are SO MANY parties, performances with Nostalgia Singers, and practices for plays (recording sound tracks this Saturday) that my every waking moment is filled with work, homework or the aforementioned activities! WAAAAHHHH!!!!

Well, I will figure out something I am sure!

Hope your season is going better and less rushed than the McVay's! I know I have GOT to slow down and celebrate the REAL reason for the season. Without HIM, it wouldn't be CHRISTmas anyhow!