Saturday, February 21, 2009

Urgent Prayer Requests

Please pray for my grandmother, W. Frances Chance, who is currently in the hospital undergoing extensive tests for bone cancer. They have not come right out and said that is what she has but she is in SEVERE pain all throughout her body and there are multiple suspicious spots on her bones as indicated by the CAT scans. We will know more on Monday when her doctor comes in and reads the reports. In the mean time, please pray that the pain lessens and that her appetite returns.

She was a pastor's wife for over 50 years before God called my PawPaw home. She is a prayer warrior and wonderful speaker. It is her turn to covet the prayers of other prayer warriors.

This is not a great picture but it was the only one on my computer that you could see her
beautiful face.

Also pray for her sister and brother-in-law, Marie and Al Harrison, who are both in poor health due to cancer. She has colon cancer and he has brain cancer. Our family has really been hit by cancer. We just lost Sister Sharon Chance at Thanksgiving and have lost other family members to cancer as well.

My father-in-law, David McVay, is in very poor health due to Diabetes and Heart problems. He needs a miracle! Pray for my mother-in-law who is having surgery on the 24th for shoulder problems and needs to be able to care for my father-in-law.

Another request, Pastor Ron Lawrence in Sunnyvale, CA. told his congregation Wednesday night that he too has been diagnosed with cancer. My in-laws attend his church and he has been a close family friend for over 30 years.

I am not worried by these requests, just saddened that so many are suffering. I DO know a GREAT BIG God who loves His children and will meet them at their time of need.

Thank you in advance for your prayers.