Saturday, January 13, 2007

Picture Joy

Just was looking at some pictures I have saved on my computer and thought I would share them with you
Here are Marissa, Jessica, and Justin, my 3 wonderful and smart kids!
Aren't they just beautiful??

Jessi learning to do her hair

A different day, different DO!
Good job for a 10 year old!

Justin, trying to get the camera to LEAVE him alone!

My "baby", Justin!!! What a cutie!!!
Oh, and when he has his glasses on, the SPITTING image of his Daddy!!



My husband kissed me and left for work at the wonderful hour of 6 AM. Not more than 5 minutes passed and my phone was ringing. I answered and Mark says, "Jana, I think it is snowing! I see white stuff floating thru the beam of the headlights!" Skeptically, I said, "No way! It has to be something else." I even walked out in the as yet UNLIT day, and lo and behold...nothing! "Mark, you are imaging things!", I said. He argued his point for a moment and then hung up. Ten minutes later, the phone rings again. "Jana, I was right! I DID see snow!!! I am out on Sierra and cars are sitting on the side of the road and there is snow everywhere!", I heard Mark say. He asked me to get on the internet and see what the conditions were for the Cajon Pass, so I did and found that there were CHP escorts but that Sierra and the I15 were closed because of a wreck.

It was hard to believe but there REALLY was snow and it didn't just last for a few minutes but snowed for over 2 hours after our discovery!! There was snow not only in Rialto but Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, San Bernardino, Redlands and other spots. Sister Clark said that Joni Ayn, Casey and the kids had a snowball fight at their home but that she and Bro. Clark had no snow and they are at a higher elevation and less than a mile from Casey's. Strange!!

My kids didn't want to go to school but we prevailed and Mark and I had a nice day together since his boss said he didn't have to go in and risk being stuck up in Victorville if the conditions got worse! It was so lovely to spend time with my honey and not be interrupted by the kids!! Thanks, God!!

I really think God has a great sense of humor! The ILC church body has been praying for NO rain and NO wind during the Crusade and God honored that but showed off with the unusual snowfall!! I, and several other church members feel that God was also reaching for the unsaved who have heard about the endtimes and know that the seasons will be confused! BTW, we were chilly, but we had a packed house in the tent last night and 41 people received the gift of the Holy Ghost for the first time!!!! Tonight we have another service and several young men that received the Holy Ghost last night are going to be baptized tonight!!!

I will keep you posted on the Crusade as the weekend progresses!!