Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bringing JOY to the community

At first, I thought the guy at a school crossing on Alder Avenue was nuts!! He would wave and smile real big, then point to every car that passed by. I could only think...CRAZY! But since I drive by him every morning after dropping off my girls, I have found that he makes me smile. He is enjoying his job as a school crossing guard and spreading his enthusiasm to everyone who passes his way.

My first reaction to him was skewed because in this day and age how many people do we see who are truly joyful? I wasn't used to seeing someone who was happy! Even many church people, forgiven and full of hope for life everlasting, tend to walk around with the weight of the world on their shoulders. They don't smile as they walk through the mall, they don't smile as they interact with the lost, they don't appear to have the JOY of the Lord as their strength. I realized I am guilty of that as well!!

This young man, probably 5 feet 10 inches or so, thin as a rail, standing on a sidewalk in a small town, has taught me to smile again. My daily infusion of JOY from his smile reminds me to spread the JOY, to be kind to others, to SMILE, SMILE, SMILE!! My kids are learning from him and I thank God for this sweet man who is happy fulfilling his duties in life! Does he ever get down or sad? Probably. However, from what I see every Monday through Friday, he doesn't share his sadness, he just shares JOY!!!

I hope to find my digital camera (oh, where are you, little camera?? why are you hiding from me??) and take a picture of this young man. I might even stop my car one morning and simply thank him for reminding me to Smile and share the JOY of the Lord! When I do, I will be sure to share the picture here with you!

Take time to renew your JOY in the Lord and be sure to SMILE as you go about your day. There is enough sadness and woe in the world already!!!

P.S. Happiness is a choice!! Choose to smile!!
Choose JOY!!