Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Junior Camp

I am missing Junior Camp for the first time in eleven years!!!!

Eleven years ago, I attended two junior camps for two different sections, three weeks apart, and fell in love with working with young kids! I was the Music Director for section 2 UPCI Junior Camp for 10 years. I have sooooo many wonderful memories of those years and have made some life long friends!!

Memories of playing 007 with a group of people late in the night: fingers in the "gun" position, hiding behind trees, rolling down hills, crawling across the sports field in a skirt, just to sneek up on the "enemy" and shoot them with our finger guns. And telling them, "my name is Bond, Jane Bond". Memories of trash cans full of water being dumped on my friends heads at one in the morning; falling on the ground in front of a group of counselors late one night, and then having them show others the "crime scene" complete with a HUGE outline of where I fell; wrapping a fellow counselor's car with cellophane and caution tape; being the look out while other culprits zip tied the head counselor's shoes and other personal things to her bed, luggage, and such. Memories of long talks with junior staff about making the right choices in life; counseling young ladies after sensitive subjects were discussed in devotions; playing for 1-2 hours during altar call, and watching young people reach out for more from our Heavenly Father. Memories of tiny little boys and girls, 7 or 8 years old, following me around the camp, asking "when will the next choir practice be?", and "do I get to cut in front of the older kids for breakfast so I can be at choir on time?"

This year, no memories are being formed for me but they are for my kids. My dear friend, Holly, sent me pictures of my kids at camp this week. They are there now and I am at home! WAAAHHH!!! This year, the camp is in Jamul, CA. at the Indian Hills Campground. It looks like a really fun place and I hope to be able to go next year.

Here are two pictures of my younger kiddos. I love both pictures but especially the one of Justin in the altar!!!

Justin praying with a counselor.
What a moment! Arms raised in praise and surrender to God!
This one made me cry!

Jessica is the one in glasses.
She is the prettiest blue eyed girl I know!
And mischievous, as indicated by the bunny ear fingers. LOL
This one made me chuckle!

Thanks Holly!! I am blessed by your friendship and these pictures of my babies!