Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Joys

As I sit here in the den of my sister's home, I hear my children playing with their cousins, my mom and sister talking in the front room along with my uncle, Tom. My brother is sitting there nearby as well while my father sits next to me, on the sofa, gently (and this is rare, the gentle part that is...LOL) snoring with his head buried in his chest. Just now I heard the shower start upstairs and know that my husband is getting ready for bed. He is going to get up around 5 am tomorrow and help his parents move from Fresno to San Jose.
We have had a wonderful day full of family, food, and fun. My in-laws had lunch at 2 at my sister-in-laws home here in San Jose. After eating too much food, everyone dispersed to different parts of the house. My brother-in-law went to his office to watch the Cowboys win their game, my mother-in-law and Mark took a nap in the den, some of the kids went into different bedrooms to play dress-up or video games, while others joined Sharon and I at the table to play Disney Uno. We played for over an hour and a half and I think I won!!!
Later, we left Sharon's and with Mom and Dad in law, we drove over to cousin Cindy's home. At this house, we saw her brothers, Lonnie, David, Gary, her sister Karen and her husband Steve along with their 3 boys. We saw her husband David and two of their boys; Nathan and Matthew (whose son, Ryan was running around somewhere) We also saw Cindy's mom Aunt Mary, and David's (the brother, not the husband)daughter Cristina and her new hubby and baby. There were other cousins there that left just as we arrived. What a houseful!!! We haven't seen most of them in over a year and it was nice to reconnect for a few moments.

I pray your day was just as full of family joys as was mine.

God has been so good to us and I look forward to another year of blessings from above.