Monday, April 14, 2008

What A Wonderfully Lazy Day!!

YES!!! It is Spring Break!!

I have a whole week off; no online classes, no work, no school, and even no music practices except for Worship team practices before services. Kids in school everyday! What a life!

I woke up this morning to tell my wonderful hubby good morning, give him a kiss and send him on to work then I snuggled back under the covers for more shut eye. Well, I thought I would get more but God had a different idea and had me praying for a dear friend who had a scare at church last night that culminated in an ambulance ride and all night emergency room visit. I prayed for her for a while and then got a quick nap before rising to prepare my kids for another day of school. When I dropped them off, I found I didn't want to go back home.

So, I texted a friend, asked what she wanted from Starbucks, picked up two Mochas and 2 of their yummy doughnuts then drove to said friends' home. Her children are off track this month but were kind enough to stay in bed all morning while she and I visited and shared our burdens, cried a little, read some encouraging scripture cards, visited some more and well, basically were lazy all day. Before I knew it, it was time to pick up my kids and head home to a pile of laundry that is clean but due to Bible Quizzing and two classes that ended last week has yet to be folded and put away. So here I am, still being lazy with laundry sitting behind me as I type this post! LOL

I am looking forward to a few more lazy days this week. Tomorrow is a special day for my husband, his 39th birthday but I get to spend it all by myself, YEAH! Wednesday, I will be blessed to have lunch with a group of friends (not sure if they all remember that it is my birthday but it doesn't matter! Just spending time with them will be present enough!) who I adore and have been unable to spend much time with for the past few months. We will be enjoying lunch at the Eating Room in Redlands. Then the best part of all, two whole days with my honey who is taking Thursday and Friday off just to be with me!!!!
What a life!!
Really, God is SOOO good to me!

Ok, the laundry is calling out my name and I want to get it done before my honey gets home so he won't think he is married to a lazy slug! So, I will sign off for now!

P.S. Please, say a prayer for my friend Rebecca who is home after her scare but needs God to heal her body!!!!