Monday, April 30, 2007

Children of Praise Joys

Jessica singing "I'm Sorry" during the Royal Kids of the Kingdom II Musical on April 29, 2007.

Inland Lighthouse Church was blessed with a cute and funny performance from our Children of Praise. The kids worked hard on this play written by Sis. Kim Ballestero. They sang really well and all the kids did an awesome job!! They shared the 5 step plan of salvation with over 400 people on Sunday morning!!! I am slightly predjudice, I know, but Jessica did such an awesome job on her song about asking God for forgiveness! Oh, I don't have a picture of him yet, but my little guy, Justin, had a solo part as well! He did an incredible job telling about how God came down and became a child just like us. I was a very Holy Ghost proud mama!!!

In the audience was my bible study lady, Lillian, her daughter Kathleen and grandchildren Dustin and Destinee. They seemed to enjoy the service and stayed afterwards for our family day potluck and activities. I see them again in the morning and covet your prayers!

After the kids musical, Bro. Arlo Moelenpah spoke to us about creation and science, particularly about the dinosaurs and "pre-historic" man. It was awesome! I love learning more about how science works with the Bible!! He is coming again this week and then will take questions and return to answer them in two weeks!! I can't wait!!!!!!!

Isn't She Lovely? :)

My dear friend, Holly, also had a picture of my sweet lil' guy and she shared it with me. He is the one holding the mic. He did such a fantastic job!!! GO, Justin!!!

P.S. Holly's gorgeous older son, Ian, is in the aqua shirt and right behind him (on his right) is her other gorgeous kid, Zachary!! They both had speaking AND singing parts and did WONDERFUL!!! See, I can brag about other kids than my own. Even if mine were somewhat "better" LOL

Thank you, Holly for all the pics of my babies!!! Love ya!!!