Thursday, August 9, 2007

Blessings Joy

We are blessed!! God has been sooooo good to us, showering us with blessing after blessing! We were blessed with a gorgeous dining table and chairs last Friday night at the ILC Fun Night and Auction. It is HUGE and HEAVY DUTY....which is good with 3 kiddos!!! It survived many games of spoons and years of use by a very dear family, who shall remain unnamed at this point. It looks wonderful in my house!!! Now I need to paint my dining room/kitchen so they don't look sooooo shabby!! LOL

I have also been blessed with a job!!! Now I will have 3 part time jobs to accompany my full time wife/mother position! I will be starting as a Supplemental Instructional Leader at Riverside Community College when the fall semester begins. My speech instructor from last semester asked me if I was interested in a part time job. She said my grades and such were so good that she thought I would be great as her "assistant"! Sooo, I applied and was called yesterday to let me know I got it!!! Thank you, Jesus, for being sooooo goood to me!!! (Now we just need to be like Katie and Phillip and Shegazelle, become converts of Ramsey and have a TMM!!!)

One more blessing to share. I got together with a group of singers Tuesday night. Four of us had already learned the song a year ago. In one hour, the other 4 singers NAILED the song and I just know that with the next couple of practices under our belts, we will be able to sing this song so well and confidently that people WILL believe what we sing and be blessed!!!! Sometimes, when you don't know a song so good, well, you struggle and hinder God's move!! So, now this song won't be a hinderance but an instrument of anointing, breaking the yoke and blessing the souls of those who are struggling with sin or just life getting in the way of their praise!!! We are singing a wonderful medley of For Every Mountain, Thank You, O How I Love Him, and We Give You Praise. It is a POWERhouse medley of praise for God's blessings!!!! I am so thankful that ILC is soooo blessed by the abundance of talented and anointed singer we have!!!!

God bless you and I hope to read about blessings coming YOUR way!!!!