Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Mom The Blogger

My mother, Jacque Chance, called me tonight and told me she FINALLY did it!! She made her first entry in the blogging world. Mom is an incredible writer and she and I have set several of her writings to music. In fact, I called my Dad Thursday night to ask him something real quick. When he answered, I could tell that he was at the church and music practice was going on. As we spoke, I realized that the song I could hear sounded familiar. Then it hit me! That was Mom's song that she and I put to music this summer!!!! The ladies group was practicing it and it sounded SO incredible. Maybe she will post some of it on her blog. I know I plan on teaching it to the praise team at my church!

Mom's blog is called Scribbles and I put a link to it under my favorite blogs and friends area. She only has one post at this time but plans on adding many of the writings God has inspired through preached messages, books, the Word of God, and through song. I hope you visit her and I am working on getting her to allow us to comment! We shall see! LOL

Another Markism While at Marriage Retreat

This weekend, we had an awesome time fellowshipping with other couples from our church while at the ILC Marriage Retreat. We stayed at the Ayres Suites in Costa Mesa, CA. We had gorgeous weather, a gorgeous room, and a gorgeous gift basket with lots of goodies.

We were blessed with the Word of God, delivered with such wisdom and power by Rev. Steve Pixler. While he was speaking this morning, he said that if we were to spiritualize marriage we would all have to take a vow of celibacy. We would all have to be nuns and monks. It was powerful what Bro. Pixler was saying when all of a sudden, Mark leans over and whispers something in my ear.

Mark said, "If we did that, there would be nun amonks us."

Needless to say, I started giggling yet tried to be quiet about it. After the session, Sis. Cindy Pierce came up and asked me what had been so funny. She said she KNEW Mark had said something hilarious and wanted to know what! So, I told her. She and Rhonda Lee started cracking up. They thought it was a hoot.

We had a blast. Bro. Pixler blessed us in song and the Word. Sis. Booker blessed the ladies with some tips on how to be a loving wife while Bro. Pixler spoke to the men about what I do not know. Between the session Friday night and two sessions this morning, we learned what God really intends for marriage to be; a reflection of him through the unity of man and wife!!! I came away realizing that I need more Holy Ghost to help me to be a respectful and loving wife, even in my thoughts!!! Mark came away knowing that it is his duty to love me like Christ loves the church, sacrificially!!! WE came away knowing that it is time to let God help us have a great marriage and to seek God's help in raising our children to love Him with all their hearts!!