Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More RKK Joy

Here are more pictures that Holly took during our recent Royal Kids of the Kingdom II musical. Hope you enjoy the pictures of some of the most wonderful kids on earth!

Left to right: Ian, Jocelyn, Destinee, Dino, and Jerry

Joyanna and Sade singing about going Down, Down, Down in Jesus' Name (A great song that tells about full immersion baptism in THE Name above all Names!)

Here are Nate and Denise singing (I don't remember which song this was, sorry!)

Aren't these two just adorable? Lil' Miss Alexus and Bro. Logan (this was a funny song because these two had to share a mic and kept "fighting" for control, HAHAHA)

The Choir section. Half of these children are from our Sunday School Bus Route. Isn't God awesome?!!

Here are two of the main characters. Destinee did a fantastic job memorizing an abundance of scriptures that teach about the plan of salvation! Dino, her little brother, was a riot playing the part of the school bully who comes to see the error of his ways.

Here are Nate and Ian. Both of these young men are VERY smart and talented!!

Mr. Zachary sang so sweetly (but manly!!) :)