Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The room was dark and cold
Yet she really felt quite bold
Tonight her nightmares she would banish
Her fears and tears she would vanquish
No more would she cower
Like a spineless, wilting flower
So from her bed she arose
'Crept 'cross the floor on tiptoes
Shivers ran down her spine
What, she wondered, would she find?
Shadows loomed dark and fierce
The monsters grew larger as she neared
In an instant filled with dread
She almost turned back to her bed
Her face was pale, her lips were white
Yet determined onward she marched to fight
Suddenly a moonbeam shined thru
Dispelling darkness from the room
Illuminated now in the light
Was this what had tormented her nights?
Giggling aloud she danced with joy
Those monsters were simply...toys