Friday, August 1, 2008


Fresh peaches, right off a friend's tree. A little ginger. Biscuit dough topping.
Juicy, juicy, juicy peach cobbler.
Created by my future chef, Marissa.
Que Bueno!

This is my breakfast. No, it is not the meal of champions. However, it is de-lish!

Other recent creations include:

A Cupcake Cake...looks a lot like a Hostess cupcake, doesn't it?
Even had ooey gooey cream filling piped into the center.
It was SOOOO rich! Overload of chocolate! But yummy!Ice cream cake for Justin's 10th birthday.
This was quite tasty too and very easy to create.
Neopolitan ice cream bars layered with Cool Whip.
Then frosted with the same and add sprinkles.