Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Deep Question - Please Share Your Thoughts

Today, just before our study session began, one of the students who attends my Interpersonal Communication study session asked me if he could ask a question. He seemed hesitant to ask. I told him, "Sure, go ahead." I expected the question to be about what we are studying or what will be on the upcoming exam.

His first question shocked me a little. He asked, "How long have you been going to church?" I told him I was raised attending church. He asked for clarification about that (he is originally from Peru and language is sometimes a barrier.) and so I told him that I had been brought up attending church, my parents had attended church from an early age and that my grandfather had been a minister. This seemed to give him the courage to continue.

His next question was "Why do you think so many people only turn to God when they are in trouble?" I gave him my answer but have been pondering the question ever since.

I pose this question to those who read my blog, "Why does it seem that people only turn to God when they are in trouble and need help?"

Please answer and share your insight to this quandary. I would like to be able to help this student understand better and continue to have dialogue about Christ!

Outcome of Voting Across America

May God have mercy on America...she is headed for change...most likely NOT for the good or betterment of her people. Barack Obama is now to be President of the US and I will do my duty and pray for him but I am disappointed in the youth of America who voted without really doing any research about their candidate. They took what they were told at face value and disregarded any negativity as bashing (as it was portrayed quite frequently by the media.) I know of which I speak because I work and attend a college in the Inland Empire. Several conversations with fellow students left me shaking my head at their ignorance. I am not saying that they are not smart but they only spouted what the media was telling them and could not back up anything they believed. They just knew that Barack was black, younger than McCain, supports abortion, was against war and wanted to give them more money. But did they hear the clips where Obama promised to raise taxes by 16% for people in my income bracket (which included most of these student's parents amounts of income)??? Did they hear that he wants to beef up our security forces with civilian patrols that would equal our current military might??? Reminds me of the Black Panthers or even scarier, Adolf Hitler and his youth corp.

Now, I just was perusing a run down of Propositions that have passed in California and found a listing of other states' propositions. I must confess I was mostly ignorant of what was transpiring in other states.

I found:

Arizona Prop. 102 was passing and would protect marriage as a union between a man and woman.

Arizona Prop. 202 was failing. It appears to have been an attempt to protect employers who hire illegal immigrants.

Arkansas Initiative 1 was passing and bans unmarried couples (same or opposite sex) from adopting children.

California Prop. 8 was passing. Perhaps they should listen to the people...instead of circumventing our vote and trying to allow gays and lesbians to marry. This is the SECOND time Californians have voted AGAINST same-sex marriage.

California Prop. 4 was failing. Parents have to be notified AND give consent for a student to receive an aspirin at school but that same child can have an abortion without the parent being notified or giving consent!

Colorado Ammendment 48 is failing. This would have declared that human life begins at conception and would have ultimately defeated abortion.

Florida Amendment 2 is passing. It too declares that marriage is between a man and woman. Bans same sex marriages. Do you hear us, America? Do you hear us, homosexuals who keep demanding this right?

Michigan Prop. 2 is passing. This allows embryonic stem cell research on embryos up to 14 days of cell division.

South Dakota Initiative 11 was failing. This was an attempt to prohibit ALL abortions except in cases of immenent death of the mother or rape/incest for pregnancies less than 20 weeks.

Washington Initiative 1000 is passing. This allows terminally ill patients to request a doctor's assistant to commit suicide!!!

God help us...the babies can be killed as a form of birth control and now we are opening up another door of murder...killing off those older and invalid. This is a Pandora's box!!!

Additionally: Two states had initiatives/propositions attempting to end Affirmative Action. One state is defeating the proposition while the other looks to be passing it.

Other Initiatives/Propositions were in the balance but they dealt with gambling, medical marijauna use and repealing state taxes. California already has a medical marijuana ability. This other state is just falling in line.

I hope you have found this to be informative...I am sorry it is so long. But with change comes responsibility to be aware of what may happen! Again....GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! God HELP America!!!