Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Poem For Your Enjoyment

I recently joined a Writer's Workshop and have been blessed by the quality of writers who attend. At one of the meetings, I told them of my decision I have made regarding my home. The next week, one of the writers, Mr. Robert Louis Covington aka Bob, who has been published several times and writes incredible poetry told me he had written a poem in my honor. When Bob told us the title, one of the ladies commented that perhaps I should wait and hear the poem before accepting it as an honor. We all got a chuckle out of that.

As soon as he started reading the poem, I knew what he was referring to but noticed several others took a little longer to figure it out. Let's see if you can figure out what it is about.

Twenty-four seven, the modern way
Time fixed, lots to weigh, to convey

Whatever network one may choose
Blabber similar blues of breaking news

Thriving on the sensational, any prey
Luminary iniquity, overkill every day

Guys and girls, competitive sites speak
The suave, sophisticated, the chic

News flashes, vicissitudes bemoaned
To entities widespread, industry, homes

Few stories told with truth, full of facts
Naive eyes and ears with imprudence act

Myriad images, futuristic turbo HD
Concocted in cahoots for you and me

Beckoning all day, only the foolish cling
After thirty minutes, it didn't say anything

That blabbering box, ranting with clout
Most of which the wise can do without

Copyrighted 2009 Robert Louis Covington

Did you figure it out? Let me know what you think it is about and I will reveal the title of this wonderfully written poem in a future post. Hint: The title is found in the last stanza.