Wednesday, March 28, 2007

TBC Update

Sorry everyone!!! Life has been so very hectic with kids, hubby, school, church, etc., that I just have not been able to spend the time blogging!! But I am here now and will attempt to leave something that you will enjoy!!!!!! :)

Higher Ground at Texas Bible College was INCREDIBLE!!! I learned a lot from some really awesome instructors and I LOVED being back in my original stomping grounds for a little while. Tiffany and I stayed with my sweet cousin, Tracey, and she was the hostest with the mostest!!! Her kids were simply adorable and I just love, love, love her son, Josh!! He actually thought I was only 19 or 20!! Can you believe that???!!!! He was in shock that I had children his age!!! He was soooo cute!!! (He told his mom that she looks like she is 25 or so, and she is actually a year younger than I. THAT really went over well!! HAHAHAHA) I told Tracey she needs to watch him because he is already learning how to sweet talk the ladies! LOL

Tiff, Tracey, Mom, Reena, Andy, and I attended the music conference. One of the best things we gleaned was from a class by David Geri. He talked about the music ministry and it's spirituality. Tiffany picked up a book that is revolutionizing my ministry. It is called, "When They Began To Sing" and it covers why God created music and how we can have a deeper communion with HIM!! Dedie Cooley had a HUGE class on Friday. She was presenting new choruses, if you hadn't heard them or don't do them, then they were new to you. I had to sit on the floor the class was SO full!!!!!! She was able to quickly teach 28 choruses in 45 minutes!!!!!

I wish I had written when everything was SOOO fresh in my mind!! I do want to share a quick note about the concert on Friday night at Higher Ground. There was one group who, unfortunately, came to "star" or to "perform". Their spirit and behavior was in such contrast with the rest of the singers and groups that there were only 3 or 4 people who stood and supported them. Personally, I was so aghast at one of the ladies provocativeness that I could not even look up at the platform while they were singing!!! On the other hand, there was a group there from a ranch that sang and testified. The whole choir consisted of already rehabilitated and currently being rehabilated people who live at the ranch. One gentleman had only been off meth for 10 days!!! But they are ALL filled with the Holy Ghost, are in the ACTS program and are recovering and rebuilding their lives!!! It was AWESOME to watch God use them to minister!!!!! They were so humble and thankful for where they are today!!!

So, I hope I have provided ample information re: the conference and how fun it was!
Been nice talking with you!! Be sure to come back in a day or two and I will be sure to have added at least a little something!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

TBC Higher Ground Joy

I'mmmmmm off to see Lufkin, the wonderful Lufkin of T'xas..... LOL

Really I am off to Higher Ground music conference in Lufkin, Texas for the rest of this week, March 7-10!!!! I am going with my friend, Tiffany Martin, and we are going to have a blast!!!! I was born in Lufkin and grew up only 30 miles or so away from there in Nacogdoches. I lived in Nacogdoches until I was 14. So this will be old home week for me.

We are meeting my mom and dad at the airport (they are flying in from San Francisco) and then driving together to the conference. My parents are going to stay with our cousin and her husband, Mildred and Eldon Benton. Tiff and I are staying with their daughter and her family, Tracie and Jubal Cannon. Tracie and I haven't seen each other since 1997 and we both LOVE music and are the Music Directors for our local assemblies. SOOO, we have a lot to catch up on and lots of common interests to share!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

I will be back LATE Saturday so it will be Monday before I can get on here and let you know how much fun I had and what I learn from the conference!!! Dedie Cooley is teaching there and I LOVE her enthusiasm and verv!!! There are a TON of good instructors teaching and I know I am going to have a hard time choosing which classes to take! Perhaps, between Tiff, Mom, Tracie and I we can all cover some good classes and share what we learned!!!!

Until then, keep singing HIS praises!!!

"Sing unto the Lord a new song! Sing unto the Lord all the earth! Sing unto the Lord a new song! Sing unto the Lord all the earth! For GOD is GREAT and greatly to be praised!!!"