Thursday, September 4, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

I have an urgent prayer request. My cousin, Rob, who is in his mid 30's, suffered a stroke sometime Monday night. He was found by his brother, unconcious, after they couldn't wake him and he seemed to be ignoring his alarm clock for over an hour. He is in neurological intensive care, in a drug induced "coma", with a hemorraghic bleed between his left and right hemispheres. The location of the bleed makes it impossible for the doctors to operate and repair it. They think he may be paralyzed on his right side and now his kidneys are failing. He asphyxiated when the stroke originally occured and is on a ventilator.

Since they are in Fort Worth, I called the church where Steve Pixler pastors to see if Bro. Pixler could go and pray for Rob and with my Aunt Louise and Uncle Robert. Bro. Pixler was out of town so another minister, Bro. Litke, called me for the pertinent information and went to the hospital tonight. Bro. Litke called after the visit to let me know that he was able to visit with my family and pray with them. He also said that Pastor Flowers from Mesquite was on his way to visit the family as well. Bro. Litke promised to send out an email prayer request to their church family so that there would be continued prayer for Rob's healing and salvation. I am so thankful for the body of Christ who, when notified of a need, are willing to go the extra mile and who bombard heaven with their prayers.

Please pray that God heals Rob and gives him an opportunity to come to know the Lord in a more powerful way. I appreciate you and covet your prayers for Rob's healing.