Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Note of Joy

I just finished reading a few of my past blog entries and am feeling blessed to have these reminders of what God is doing in my life. I was feeling quite low last week and fighting a doubting spirit but God took me to a place where I unexpectedly lifted another persons' spirits. I was talking to a friend and as I went to leave, I felt God show me a glimpse of pain she was going through. Words started pouring forth from my mouth and I was astounded at the things I was saying. My friend was in tears and praising God for showing her where she was and what she needed to do to overcome an oppressing spirit. (Just Praise your way out was the gist of the message. Even when depression is on you, just praise Him for what He is doing.)While I was exhorting her, I started hearing myself and wouldn't you know it but He was talking to me as well! Bro. Booker preached a message a few months ago about talking yourself into blessings and such. I truly felt like that was where I was Saturday as God spoke through me to my friend and at the same lifted me out of my doubt.

Then Sunday morning, Adam Pierce taught the Sunday School lesson and talked about how we have to be truly honest with ourselves so that we can fight the real battles. If we are hiding from what we know is really happening, trying to ignore the truth, and put the blame on someone else, then we can never truly grow. Then Bro. Booker preached a wonderful message in the second session about virtually the same thing and reminded us of the past message I mentioned above. I was overwhelmed with praise and gratitude that Jesus was reaffirming my break through and strengthening my resolve to be an over comer.

Sunday night we were supposed to be blessed with a visiting minister but somehow he never made it to the church. The service had just about exploded during song service and again when one of our quartet's sang "Praising for the Victory." Bro. Booker took the pulpit, turned to his son, said, "Joel, pick a card from those scripture cards on my table." Joel reached down, withdrew a card, and read, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." It was like God smiled down on us and the anointing fell even stronger than before. Bro. Booker took that scripture and preached a POWERFUL message to the saints of ILC!! You can hear it at http://www.inlandlighthouse.com/ online sermons. At the end of his message, Bro. Booker had us pray and ask God for a number of souls we would strive to win to Him this year. After we prayed, he had those who felt impressed with a number to call it out. Bro. Joel and Bro. Mikhail counted and we had a total of over 640 souls that we are going to strive to win this year!!!!! Anything is possible with God on our side!!

At altar call, I sang a chorus that my son wrote. It simply says, "I can do all things, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And when I think I'll fail, I just call on Jesus' name and I can do all things through Christ." The whole service from the first note of the piano til the last beat of the drum was POWERFUL!!!

Thank You, Lord, for Your Word and Your promises!!!!!! I am striving for 5 souls this year and hope to teach many Bible studies!!! God bless you and help you to reach your goals this year as well!