Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hang Loose vs. Rock Star Laughs

These are a couple of pictures of my co-workers. We are Supplemental Instructor Leaders at Riverside Community College. Last Friday, we had our last mandatory in-service for the semester. Our Esteemed Marquis, Gilbert has decided to give up his exalted position and a new Marquessa ?, Trisha, was crowned. Gilbert has made this semester quite interesting with his nicknames and proper English throwbacks. Our Dean was called the Queen and the SI's were called Counts and Countesses. It was quite a hoot!!! Lots of fun working with this group and I look forward to working with them again next semester.

The picture below has me acting the goof that I am. We, the three speech Countesses, Amy, Irma and I, had given a mock SI session during the meeting. I had acted the goof-off, lazy, half-interested student while Amy was the Model Student (which as SI's we are to enbody) while Irma was the exalted SI leader for our mock session. During the skit, I am learning about Johari's Window and the open, blind, hidden and unknown areas of self-concept when I determine that one of my unknowns could possibly be that I could grow up and become a "rock star." (Now, fellow saints, remember this was just an act and I have NO desire to be a rock star.) The reason we included this is because I used the hang loose sign during one of our practices and Amy corrected me and showed me the real rocker sign. It was hilarious because as you can see, I look nothing like a rock star nor know much about them either, as exhibited by the hang loose sign! LOL

My fellow Counts and Countesses, as well as the Marquis, had quite the laugh at my expense. the picture below, I am recounting my "moment" for the camera. HAHAHAHA I know this: they will not soon forget our mock SI session because it was so funny and entertaining.

P.S. From the above picture, you can tell that I have NO problem being the center of attention!! LOL Gotta love it!!