Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dental Joy

......Oh, what JOY it is to take your kids to the dentist office!!! Ok, maybe not so JOYous! I and my 3 lil' dumplings went last week for check ups and cleanings, and Merry Christmas to us, we get to go back for fillings and extractions and possible root canal! My kids are going to cost us a pretty penny this year in dental bills! Ok, it is mainly one of the kids, but $700+ is NOT so JOYful!!! However, I can't complain since the Lord just recently provided me with a PAYING job and therefore, I will have the extra money to take care of said dental bills. Thank you Lord for providing for all our needs, even the ones we create ourselves by not being as diligent as we should in our daily flossing and brushing of our pearly whites!

Be sure to Floss and Brush in 2007! Stay healthy and SMILE your beautiful smiles of JOY!! Remember the song...."Smile a while and give your face a rest. Turn your heart to the One you love the best. Then turn around to someone new, shake their hand and smile."