Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Broken" Joy????

I just realized I haven't been using the word "joy" in my titles lately and so I thought I would try it out for this post. However, it doesn't make much sense! LOL

The broken part of the title has to do with my daughter, Marissa. Yes, we have officially had our first broken bone in the family. Marissa broke her wrist at some point this last week. As mothers often do, we think the child is exaggerating and tell them it will be alright. Well, I decided to do a litmus test of sorts and see if Marissa had really injured it or if it was just sore from an activity or something.

Tuesday night, Marissa was asleep, SOUND asleep, and it was around 11 PM. She had been in bed for two hours or so. I went in to check on her and I probed her hand and wrist gently. She had it resting on a cute stuffed dog and squirmed a little with my initial probes. Then I squeezed her wrist gently. She sat up, screaming out in pain, and pushed me away with her other hand!! I felt awful to say the least. However, once she had me pushed away, she sniffled a little, snuggled back up to her doggie, and fell into a fitful sleep. Now, I knew she wasn't faking or exaggerating and I knew I had to take her to the doctor.

The doctor had x-rays taken and found a chip in her inner wrist. The nurse splinted the arm and referred us to an Orthopedic Surgeon. So, I have been calling Dr.'s this morning and finally found one who will see her this afternoon.

She complains about it hurting and so I am asking for my blogging friends to pray for her healing.

Not much joy in the tale, but I AM joyous that we have a God who heals and who has given Doctors the knowledge and skills to help in that process if needed!!