Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Joy Potentially

Speaking with someone yesterday about their skill level on the piano, she stated that she wasn't confident enough to play keyboard for church yet. This beautiful, anointed, and gifted lady has been playing for years, was a music director for a number of years, and yet she is struggling with her level of ability. As we were talking, I revealed my heart to her and shared that I too struggle with my level of skill. She was shocked (not sure why since I am not the best pianist on the planet) that I feel that way. I am the music minister at a medium (and quickly growing larger) church where music is important but not really emphasized. In other words, we focus (where is rightly should be) on the WORD of God rather than really focusing on and promoting our music department.

We are abundantly blessed with talented musicians, singers, songwriters, etc at our church. So, please don't think I am complaining about our music department. I do think we could push ourselves to worship more freely, blend our voices and instruments better, and generally improve our skill level as a department. But during this conversation, I discovered that I and my dear sister feel like we are inadequate. I am sure there are others who feel this way as well. The lady I was speaking with did point out that she doesn't practice that often and knows she needs to be more diligent in that area.

We both confessed that we are struggling, as long time singers, musicians, and songwriters, with even just sitting down at the keyboard at home and just playing/practicing. I realized that I have moved so far "away" from music in my every day life and I honestly feel like that might be one of the reasons I am struggling. See, for years, I played every day. It was part of my daily worship to my creator. It was a channel of close communion with the Lord. And now, I find myself going weeks without touching the keyboard at home for anything other than to practice a specific song in preparation for a service.

As we spoke, I was discouraged by our lack of faith in our ability to play skillfully for the Lord. I was discouraged that we seemed to doubt that gift given to us by the Lord. And I tried to encourage my fellow musician and tell her that she can play better than she thinks she can. We finished our conversation as we walked into the sanctuary, we played for the song service, and did alright. No major mess ups, the Holy Ghost moved through the song, the anointing was there, and then we got ready for the preaching.

"Preach the Word" we shouted as the evangelist took the pulpit. And he did. He spoke about "Satan's Secret Fear". The evangelist told us satan fears the WORD of God, the NAME of God - JESUS -, and he fears the BLOOD of God which erases all Satan's work in our lifes! BUT...satan has a secret fear and tries his best to keep us from realizing what that is and how much he fears it.

As the minister preached, I realized my dear sister and I had been discussing the one thing satan tries to pretend he isn't afraid of and does everything he can to make us doubt where we stand. Satan is afraid of our POTENTIAL in doing things for the Lord. If he can keep us doubting our ability to teach Bible studies or Sunday School, to preach the Word of God, to witness to those who are seeking a better life, to sing or play with anointing and skill, etc. And here I was, moaning and groaning about how I feel so inadequate and question (often) my gift of music. I was allowing the satan to prod me and poke me and ultimately hinder me.

NO MORE satan!!!! I am determined to strike out today with Holy Ghost anointing and do whatever it takes to move beyond my lack of faith and move into a new realm of potential in God! I will do my best to spend time every day on the piano and singing. I will do my best to learn something new each week and to apply it to my ministry, either for myself or for those who work with me. I will unleash the POTENTIAL in me to teach Bible studies, to learn sign language better so I can help make our deaf saints feel more a part of the body of Christ, to be a better wife, mother, saint, prayer warrior.

I am thanking God for the message He sent our way last night! And I challenge all of us...reach for your FULL potential in God!!! Do whatever you have to do to overcome your doubts and fears about the gifts/talents God has placed in your life. Allow Him to do a perfect work in you and to make you what He KNOWS you can be for His kingdom!

POTENTIAL UNLEASHED...puts satan on the run!