Monday, February 11, 2008

Sniffles, Coughs, and Wheezes!

These last two weeks have been quite an experience for me. First, I had the flu with the prerequisite nausea, stomach problems, fever, malaise, etc. Then I felt better for three days. Last Tuesday, I woke up with a cough. A deep rattling cough. From out of nowhere. By Tuesday night, I was feverish and coughing like I had been sick for a week. The next four days slowly drug by as I slept almost constantly except to take and pick up my children from school. Friday, I was sicker and had had enough. I get asthmatic bronchitis religiously every year, sometimes 2 or 3 times, and so I have a cough medicine prescribed by the doctor and 2 inhalers that I use when it flares up. I used those last week to no avail. When I finally went to the doctor, he said, "Yes, you have a nasty bronchitis that needs a heavy antibiotic to knock it out." So I filled the prescription, went home, took the meds, and slept some more. Saturday arrived and I felt a little better. Then my son complained that he didn't feel well. He has been running a fever since Saturday and coughing and sniffling and blowing his poor little nose. Tomorrow is school and I have a feeling he will be home with me and another visit to the doctor will be necessary.

To add to my sad story, the church family of Inland Lighthouse has been hit heavily by this flu bug and we have had a lot of absentees! I was one of them two Wednesdays in a row! The choir has been decimated to half it's usual size. The praise team leader has his phone ringing off the hook for finding replacements, as do I for the musicians. Last night during the preaching, there was so much coughing at one point that Bro. Booker said it sounded like a TB ward!

So many are sick that one of our resident RN's talked to Sis. Booker about looking into a flu shot clinic sponsored by the church this next fall!!! They are going to look into the logistics and see if we can't circumvent this awful sniffle season next year! I hope they can but if not, I WILL BE GETTING a flu shot next time! It has been horrible and I am still not well!

Please, pray for the Inland Empire and all the sick saints of ILC!! We need deliverance from sniffles, coughs and wheezes!!

Feb. 13, 2008
Editor's note: Alas, this morning I woke to find my husband and eldest daughter are now battling this awful bug. Justin feels a little better and has finally stopped running a fever but now Mark and Marissa are coughing. Mark went to work because he has not missed a single day for sickness in 3 years!! He doesn't want to ruin that record but I have a feeling I will see him much earlier than usual.

Thanks for the prayers! Oh, and be sure to read our resident RN's comments posted below. She has quite a lot to say! And I must agree with her!!!