Friday, October 24, 2008


Well, I have been super busy with my 30 hour work week, 12.5 units of college courses, running the Music Department at ILC and trying to get the Christmas music ready for our concert on the 16th of Dec., while being Mommy and Wife! I am exhausted and think I may even be anemic right now. So, needless to say, when my husband asked me at the horrible hour of 5 AM to awake, arise, and attend to the moving of my Sequoia from behind his Matrix, I stumbled out of bed to accommodate him.

That stumbling continued as I slid on some clothes and a pair of shoes, walked down the hallway to my purse where I got my keys and then out the back door. It was pitch black outside and I started down the stairs. I took one more step to what I thought would be solid ground and CRASH I fell down 2 steps and found myself lying on the ground in pain.

My right hand was hurting extremely bad while my left leg felt like it was on fire. I called out for Mark to come help me but he didn't hear me. Since the neighbors were all still asleep (like most sane people are at that hour of the day) I didn't want to call out too loud. I sat there stunned for a moment and then tried to rise. My body did not cooperate with me and I will admit, I started crying. Every inch of my body hurt. And wait, what was that? Something just dripped off the end of my Right middle finger!!!

I started crying harder as the feeling of excrutiating pain continued to throb in my left leg. I tried calling for Mark several times. Finally, he heard me and came rushing down the stairs, panicked that I was seriously hurt. He admonished me for not screaming!

He helped me back into the house where Marissa, who had heard her Dad running down the stairs and his exclamations, now had arisen from her slumber. Since Mark needed to get on the road for work, Marissa told him not to worry and started cleaning up all my wounds.

The tip of my R middle finger is sliced open, my hips are bruised, my left calf is shredded, and while cleaning me up, we discovered that what I thought was a pinched toe (shoes were too tight) was really another pool of blood. The tip of that Left pinky toe is shredded as well.

I could include pictures, but it is pretty nasty and I don't want to upset anyone!

I am hobbling around with the leg rubbing against my skirt, a toe that screams everytime I take a step, and a finger that I keep bumping since I didn't realize that I use it soooo much!

One bright bit of news. I am attending a "closet sale" tomorrow at my friends home!!! Can't wait for the bargains!!!