Thursday, July 12, 2007

Justin's and Jessica's EXCELlent Joys

Well, I said I would come back and brag on my kiddos, so, here goes.

Towards the end of school, Justin went to an assembly. They were handing out awards and Justin heard his name called. His award was for being THE highest level reader in his entire elementary school. He had tested at 12.9+ on his STAR reading. That number indicates that my 9 year old is reading at college level and beyond and comprehends what he is reading!!! Needless to say, we were jazzed that he was honored and that he is doing SO well. Just goes to prove that NO TV makes a little guy love reading all the more and helps him to EXCEL!!!!

On the day that Jessica graduated, *sniff*, from 5th grade, she also was a recipient of a great honor. For academic EXCELlence, she received a letter and certificate from President Bush. It was the President's Gold Seal Certificate for Academic Excellence in her overall education! She was the only one in her class to receive this award!

Isn't that just AWESOME??? I love my babies and am SOO proud of them and their achievements.

P.S. Marissa was homeschooled, so, she didn't get any awards but we are looking forward to seeing what she will do now that she will be in 8th grade and in public school. Go Rissa!!!