Friday, June 13, 2008


I know. I know, I know!!! I have been remiss at blogging over the last few months as I completed my classes and graduated. I apologize!! Today, I will attempt to catch you up with what has been happening around here! Formatted in short news flashes, accompanied by photos, I will now correct my blogging short-comings! LOL

R-I-N-G-O and Ringo was his name-o! We decided to adopt a dog and this is the one my husband chose. However, we live in a mobile home and after we had Ringo for three days, we realized that he just was too big for the yard and it was unfair to keep him cooped up. So, we adopted him out to a family who has land out in the Hemet area. Ringo was a beautiful dog and we enjoyed having him while he was with us.

Our next adventure led us to the March AirForce Reserve base for an airshow. I had not attended one of these in years and Mark, Justin and I had a blast! We got to tour the inside of several HUGE military transport planes. This picture shows Justin (in the brown ballcap bottom center) watching an old model bi-plane fly sidewards. It was a very HOT day and we only stayed for a few hours, so we missed the F-14's. However, next year I plan on the whole family attending the show and making a WHOLE day of it! The lady in the bottom left corner is Sis. Carol Chirby from ILC. She and her husband,Tim, were there as well as the Letwinch family from Indio (her daughter's family.)

Next we have something MOST of you will never get to take part in! This was the second time for Mark, Justin and Hermano Luis! Five years ago, Mark took the family and Hermano Luis to ride on the Goodyear blimp, yes!, the blimp!!!!! In May, Mark was able to take Justin, Luis, Ronnie Sanchez and his little boy Joseph. Here are a couple of pictures from their adventure!

The Spirit of America coming in for a landing. Ronnie, Justin, Joseph, and Luis waiting.

The crew going out to meet the airship. Justin in the front passenger seat!
Looking out over the port of Long Beach.

This is Hermano Luis Honesto. He simply LOVES to ride the blimp! He already is asking if it will take another five years to get another opportunity! LOL

Mark is already working on arranging a ride for his co-workers who at last minute bowed out of this last ride. Their loss was Mark's and the guy's gain!

We next travel to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Ca. This was a VERY interesting day! Jessica and her sixth grade choir traveled to Burbank to perform for a Festival of Choirs and then spent the rest of the day at Six Flags. Jessi had never ridden a BIG roller coaster so we rode little ones and then tackled Colossus. She was nervous but by the end she claimed she really liked the ride. We had a blast....melted shoes, shopping til you drop, geese-a-walking, batteries dying in the camera WAY too often, eighty kids on a bus, two hour ride home on a yellow school bus without air....

Jessi waiting in line for Colossus Colossus is the wooden roller coaster behind the
trees. Goliath, a death defying monstrosity,
is the orange and blue coaster on the right.

A mama goose and her chicks walking thru the theme park!
I think papa goose is bringing up the rear but since I am not an
expert on geese, I am not sure if he/she was papa or maybe
just an auntie. LOL

******************************BIG NEWS FLASH HERE********************************
My baby was promoted from 5th grade to 6th this week!! Where did the time go? It seems like he was just born and now he is a middle schooler?????!!!! WHAT???? Here are a couple of pictures of his promotion and when he received an award for the Principal's Honor Roll.

Justin is the little guy third from the left. Here he is with his class as they are promoted.

After Justin's promotion ceremony, the kids consented to a photo op. So, here are a couple of pictures of my beautiful babies!


For the Grand Finale of this eternally long news flash post, MY GRADUATION!!!!!!!

Entering the stadium....I am the one just behind the photographer.

Walking forward to receive my degrees, my Speech instructors whom I worked with
wanted a here I am holding up the line....LOL

WHAT???? There is only a letter from the chancellor in here!!!! Where's the degree???

Photo op with my family!!! Thank you all for supporting Mom while she achieved her goal!!!
Love you ALL!!!

So, I hope you have enjoyed the News flash catch up session....
Come back soon for pictures of my party, my newly painted house, new drapes I am attempting to make this week and a myriad of other fun facts from Jana!!

Thanks for stopping by!!