Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Joys

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Today has been a wonderful day. Well, except for when my brother-in-law, who lives in Alabama, called at 6 am CA time to wish us a happy day! We had gotten into Fresno around midnight and finally in bed around 1 am and then to get this "wonderful" loving call so early, needless to say our day started early!!

We visited and got ready for a short hop up to Friant where our cousin has 40 acres. Bev had gotten the turkey cooked, green bean casserole baked, mashed potatoes mashed, yams candied, salad tossed, rolls warmed, and the gravy stirred by the time we got there around 1 pm. My sister-in-law, Becky, and her family had driven in from San Jose and met us up there. My other sister-in-law, Sharon, had come in to Fresno yesterday and Mark and I rode up the hill with her family. All in all there were 26 of us who celebrated God's bountiful blessings together.

After we ate, Mark took a nap in my lap for about an hour while the kids got to ride Bev's and Roger's horses. Riss, Jessi, and Justin, as well as their cousins, LOVE getting to ride the horses and roam the acreage for hours when we visit! It is a beautiful area and where Mark and I had our very first "date" 16 years ago when we celebrated Memorial Day with Roger, Beverly, and the rest of the family. It was fun sitting in the back seat, holding hands, and remembering how things got started for us so long ago!

I am soooooo blessed to have Mark in my life! He is a wonderful husband and loves me JUST LIKE Jesus loves me!! He knows all about me and yet, when needed, he forgives, encourages, and keeps on loving me!!!! He may be quiet around most people, but he sure does tell some of the funniest jokes and shares his innermost thoughts with me!! ME!!! Yeah, I am blessed!

My children are another wonderful blessing! Marissa is now 13 and is growing into a beautiful young lady. She is a wonderful cook and once we get her to keep her opinion to herself except when solicited, she will prove what we already know is true....she is a smart, sweet, take charge kind of person who will become a great leader for her family and friends in the future! Our bear, Jessica, is also becoming a beautiful young lady! She is 11 and entering the pre-teen angst ridden years. I have to keep her in prayer because she is sooooo sensitive! I don't want her getting bogged down with the cares of life and lose sight of who she is in God! Justin, our future preacher, president, general, contractor, policeman, scientist, is 9 and will shortly be entering the pre-teen years as well. He is simply brilliant and who knows what he will become for the Lord!?! I tell him to serve the Lord whole heartedly and let God lead him into what He has in store for the future!

The rest of my family, friends, fellow saints, co-workers, and a host of others are more reasons to give Thanks unto the Lord! My home, car, clothes, etc. weigh in as well. I could spend the whole eternity listing "things" I am thankful for but what matters most is God's grace and mercy! Thank God for His sacrifice, His blood, His resurrection that make a way for me to be forgiven and blessed!

I pray your Thanksgiving time has been blessed and will bear fruit of another year of God's blessings being showered upon your life! Live with an Attitude of Gratitude every day and you will find there is nothing to complain about!!!!


1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.