Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hanging on to JOY

Sometimes we just have to hang on for the ride. God is in control, on His throne, and always knows what it best for our lives. The waves may toss us too and fro but God is there to speak peace. The thunder may roll and lightning flash but God is there to protect. The devil may try to tear us down, ruin us, maim us, but God is there to help us overcome.

Thank God for His JOY and His mercy. I don't know about you but I am determined to just keep hanging on for dear life. Devil, you are a liar. You are defeated in Jesus' name. I may be down for the count but watch out, I won't be down for long and when I shall arise, I will be triumphant over your cunning lies and fiery darts!

I may have lost a lot of things and may lose more, but I will NEVER lose my praise. God has been tooooo good to me!!!! I WILL PRAISE HIM IN THE STORM!