Monday, February 26, 2007

Am I My Brother's or Sister's Keeper?

Hello, everyone, I have a request for your opinion on something that I have been thinking about.

When someone tells you that they have done something that is spiritually detrimental, how do you handle it? Do you immediately call them on it or do you let them know you love them and aren't judging them and leave it to them to deal with? For sake of discussion, we will say this person is an adult and not used in the ministry of their local assembly. Should you get into a discussion with them and try to make them see the error of their way? How far do you push?

I don't want this person to continue making the same choices and reap the repercussions of their actions. I also want to know how responsible I am for my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I know that it is important for me to hold them up in prayer and I am doing that, but is that enough?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Not much joy

This week has been a killer for me!! I thought I was having a heart attack or pleurisy but wanted to be sure which and spent MANY hours in the ER Monday night. Then I get a raging, hippo stomping, burning infection in my bladder. TOO many glasses of cranberry juice later and I am still in pain. Probably will have to give in and actually go and see the doctor this time. Self medicating isn't working! I guess my pastor's message Wednesday night about going to God, asking for healing, and having faith yet also using the physician to help that healing to become a reality is being played out in my life!

I didn't want to let too much time pass before I blogged again since I let it go WAY too long recently. Sorry I didn't have much joy to share!!! I hope to recover quickly as I have school and am attending the Ladies Conference and Higher Ground Music Conference in the very near future. Please pray for my healing! I thank you for those prayers.

Thank God for His mercy and grace and for the stripes He took upon His back that I may be healed. I plead the blood of Jesus upon my life and my poor, pitiful person. (Had to add that little bit alliteration since I helped Justin tonight with his language arts homework and that was part of it! LOL)

Friday, February 16, 2007

A New Note Of Joy

Wow, what life changes!! I am sorry that I have been so lax in updating my blog but to be honest, I have been sooooo busy there hasn't been enough time to sit down and really put in words what I have been dealing with! :)

Life throws curve balls in your way every once in a while and we have had several thrown our way lately. First, sickness has been rampant in our household with Mark and I trading it back and forth it seems! We have been fighting the flu and now I am fighting my chronic bronchitis!! I am SOOOO tired of illness! I rebuke it in Jesus' name!!

I am homeschooling Marissa now. We had to take her out of her privated school and I didn't want to shock her with public Middle school mid-year, so, here we are waiting on her curriculum from Gorman Learning Center. She is very bored and is ready for school stuff again! LOL (I doubt that will last for very long!)

One of the biggest changes is that I am now back in college!!!!!! YEAH!!! I am only 15 units from concurrent Associate Degrees in both Arts and Science!! And I am taking classes that are transferrable to Cal State San Bernardino!! This semester, I enrolled in English 1B, Public Speaking, and Spanish. I am taking the Spanish class because to be bi-lingual opens SOOOO many more doors AND we have a growing Spanish work at ILC!!

This weekend we have a dinner drama and I am looking forward to sitting back and enjoying it for once! I am not involved this time and it is wonderful (I miss being involved but I don't miss the work!! LOL)

Ok, I promise to try to do better on keeping up with my notes of joy!

Love you all!!! I ask for your prayers for our family and my schooling!!! Thank you!