Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another Special Day!!!

YES! We have two birthdays back to back!

Today is Marissa's 14th Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Rissa!!!

She was co-partaker of yesterday's beach and shopping trip with Jessica. (see pics below) Today we had church so nothing real exciting happened for Rissa. EXCEPT that BOTH her siblings went home with someone from church for the afternoon so she got Mom and Dad to herself!!! She thought that was awesome.

I made Chicken Parmigiana and Fettucine Alfredo accompanied by Garlic Cheese Ciabatta Bread for lunch. Marissa helped me a little because she has made the chicken before and I have not. It was delicious! We followed it up with an Angel Food cake with a sweet Raspberry sauce over it! I didn't get pictures of her cake though. Sorry!


Keep being strong. Your strong will can keep you on the right track with God if you let it! Tonight, at church, we received our deliverance from whatever has hindered us in the past. Stand firm on the belief that God has delivered you and will take you all the way!!

You are such a blessing to me! You cook almost all our meals, keep the kitchen clean (most of the time), and keep an eye on your siblings when needed. You also bless me and ILC Music. Running back and forth looking for sheet music, making copies, handing out calendars and notices. I couldn't do it without you!!!!

I just know that God has BIG plans for you, Ris. Keep that strong will (just don't use it against mom and dad, ok?) It will help you overcome all obstacles as you mature and become who Marissa is supposed to be. Remember, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!! That is your verse...Don't forget it!!! Have faith in God and let Him make you what He wants you to be! I can't wait to see what God has in store for you!!!

Hope your day was blessed and that you know you are much loved by Mom and Dad!!!!

Te amo mucho!! I love you forever, to the moon and back, to infinity, always and forever!