Thursday, February 28, 2008


I am writing this short post to explain why I and many of the people listed in my favorite blog sites have not been posting lately. We have been in an exciting revival with Reverend David McKemy! There have been powerful services and many people have received the gift that is the best gift you could ever receive...the gift of the Holy Ghost, evidenced by tongues.

In one service last week, there were two ladies who returned to God and were refilled after 25 and 50 years of living a life away from God. There have been other backsliders who have come back to God. We also have had close to 20, in only two weeks of services, new converts as well. Most are from the family of new members of ILC, Von Trey and his wife Brittany. They have had close to 10 family members filled with the Holy Ghost! On this last Monday night alone, there were at least 8 people filled with the Spirit with 3 of them being from Von Trey's family. Tuesday night, one of Von Trey's cousins begrudgingly went to the front when altar call went out. She prayed a little and then, again, begrudgingly allowed Bro. Booker to pray for her. When he did, she was powerfully filled with the Holy Ghost. When she was baptized in the name of Jesus, she rejoiced, danced, shouted, and had a Holy Ghost time in the water for close to 15 minutes! It was so exciting!!

It was awesome! And even more awesome is the assurance that God is a loving, long suffering, gracious, and merciful Saviour who wants nothing more than to fill His children with His Spirit. It doesn't matter if you knew Him, shunned His grace for 1 or 50 years and are now returning to Him. It doesn't matter if you have never really been close to Him, never knew His voice, never accepted Him into your life as Lord and King. He only wants to hear your voice asking for forgiveness and asking Him to save your soul. He will do it! And the angels, who know no sin or the joy of redemption, rejoice when a sinner is filled with the Holy Ghost! And how much more do the saints of ILC rejoice over these for we have been been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and washed in the waters of baptism!!!

An added bonus in this revival is Bro. McKemy's exceptional talent on the harmonica. He is simply amazing in his ability to draw out powerful melodies on a tiny little piece of metal! WOW!! He also is an amazing preacher who has a burning desire to see people who have left the Lord be restored and redeemed. If you have never heard him preach, be sure to visit and listen to the wonderful messages he has preached over the last two weeks.

And to all my friends who haven't posted during this revival, we have a break and it is time to update!!!! So get to blogging!! :-)