Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flowin' Joys

Recently, I was in a service at Teen Challenge, Riverside, and the staff member who was leading the service made a statement about an intern "flowin'" with the thought they had presented at the beginning of the service. He was excited about how that young man's thought "flowed" into the same thought this leader felt God wanted himself to share with the men. The staff member said it was "off the hook" how the things were "flowin'." My girls and I kind of giggled because it was such a "hip" way of saying God's anointing had led each of these men to share HIS message of the evening.

I have jokingly used this phrase several times since that service but today it hit me that this is what is SUPPOSED to be happening when we share God with others. His message should flow out of us like rivers of living water! We should be so full of God that he oozes out of our every conversation, out of our very thoughts.

When I am called upon to select music for a worship service or for a group to sing there should be a flowing of anointing that helps those songs to smoothly usher the congregation into the presence of our Almighty and prepares their hearts for the Word of God that will be preached. I almost always know when the "flow" was happening correctly...for if it isn't, I leave the platform discouraged or I notice that the congregation is not as attentive to the preaching as it could be. I know ministers probably love it when the worship service and the special music flow along with the idea/thought/message that they have received from God. As saints we have experienced services where everything just "flowed" so perfectly together and when it was all said and done, we left the service refreshed, revived, and ready to continue our quest to live for God.

My goal is to continue to strive for a relationship with God that enables that flow. God, please let songs flow out from to bless others. Please let words of knowledge and wisdom flow from my heart when a brother or sister is in need. God, let Your Holy Ghost anointing fall on me and burn away all the chaff of my doubts and fears.

Lord, help me to be a vessel worthy of the call you have on my life. I surrender everything to You, use me as You WILL, and flow from me into others who need more of You.

I want to be "flowin'" "off the hook!"