Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year Joy From One Branch to Another!

Happy New Year everyone!!! Yes, it is already the 11th of January and I am now actually posting for the first time in 2008 but cheers to you anyway!

I had a little fun yesterday drawing the following picture in the Paint program on my computer. It is based on a plaque my mother made probably 30 years ago. She took myself and my siblings and fingerprinted us on a piece of paper with a tree drawn on it. Then she made the fingerprints look like owls, burned the edges of the paper, glued it to the plaque, and shellacked it. She still has it and I was thinking about family yesterday when that plaque came to mind.

Now, when I was drwing this picture I was thinking about my immediate family and the family tree when I drew this but this morning I thought I would share the picture with the branches of my other family,
the family of God.
So, from the McVays of Rialto to those who are the family of God,
greetings and best wishes for the year 2008!