Saturday, August 25, 2007

Protecting The Anointing

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.....tonight's sermon by Bro. Doug White was just incredibly awesome!!!!! He came to the pulpit heavily burdened with this message and he was almost weeping as he told us what God had laid on his heart. We are currently having our annual Youth Explosion and the house was full tonight. Bro. White talked about feeling the anointing, being a chosen vessel of anointing and yet somehow not protecting it. He spoke about how we can allow time to steal our anointing when we get so caught up in life that we forget to spend time in prayer, how we can let others steal our anointing when they attack us because of jealousy or other things, and how that we ourselves can allow ourselves to get to a place where God has to destroy the vessel or else it will contaminate other vessels. The altars were packed with young people, ministers, musicians and singers who wanted to make sure they were right with God and that with His help, they were determined to protect their call. There was even a young person, from Chula Vista, who received the Holy Ghost for the first time!!

I will refrain from going to go into more detail as I am going to suggest that you go to and click on online messages, look for tonight's message and listen to it yourself!! The message should be loaded onto the website within the next day or so. Please, please, PLEASE avail yourself of this opportunity to be reminded and encouraged to protect the anointing God has for you!!!

There is a beautiful song that I believe was written by Nancy Grandquist that I was reminded of tonight. The chorus says....."Lord, we need a new anointing. Lord, we need a brand new touch. Holy Spirit come and rain on us. New anointing, fall on us."