Thursday, January 18, 2007

Song of Life and Joy

Life Song
Verse: You've taken every situation that arises and created music from my triumphs and my crisis. You've woven every tear drop and every smile into the song You're creating in my life.
Chorus: Let my life be a song that testifies of Your mercy and Your grace. Let it sing through the night. Let my life be a song so that others can know the beauty of your love. Lord, please write my life song.
Bridge: You are the melody. You are the harmony. Let Your mercy crescendo o'er the notes of my life. You are the words I sing. You are my symphony. Lord, let Your grace...Lord, let Your mercy...Lord, let Your my life song. Lord, be my song. Write my life song.
Written May 28-29, 2006 Copywrite June 2006

Update - JOYfully Tired

Tonight Bro. Booker told us that there were 131 people who received the Holy Ghost for the first time DURING the crusade. There were 61 households in the immediate area of Rialto that were impacted by someone/s receiving the gift God wants to give EVERYONE!! I am blessed to get to call those 61 homes tomorrow and Friday and tell them "thanks" for coming and about our services this weekend. I can't wait!!

Bro. Marks read a letter from a gentleman who came to the Crusade and left a changed man. The man had received a phone call from his mother on Saturday inviting him to the Tent Revival at which SHE HAD RECEIVED THE HOLY GHOST. He argued with her and tried to convince her that because she had accepted the Lord as her saviour, she alread HAD the Holy Ghost living in her. She told him about how different she felt but hung up when he refused to accept what she was saying. The man goes on to state that he got a call on Sunday from his brother, you guessed it, inviting him to the same Tent Revival his mother had. The brother had also received the Holy Ghost and they starte arguing about whether it is even possible for that many people to speak in tongues, as the Spirit gives the utterance, all at the same time. By the end of the phone call, the brother had said that he had been backsliding but now felt like he could make it and how clean and good he felt. The man said no thanks again and that he would call his brother later after he studied a little about this "Holy Ghost".
Then the man went online to play a game and felt the Lord leading him to go ahead and research the scriptures and to study about the Holy Ghost. He wrote that 'as he studied he began to feel a physical hunger to taste this Holy Ghost experience.' By now it was after 7:00 PM, but he called his brother back and asked if there would be tent revival the next weekend and was told no. He was sad that they would miss the whole thing, then his brother said that the service had just started and that if they left right then, they would make it for the "spirit invitation". The man and his wife got ready quickly and left their home within 20 minutes. They walked in under the tent as Bro Marks was giving the invitation to come forward and to recieve the Holy Ghost. They went straight to the front and started praying. But nothing seemed to be happening and the man was getting sad because everywhere around him, people were speaking in tongues. Then Bro. Marks approached, asked if he could pray with them, and laid hands on the wife. She almost immediately started speaking in a heavenly language. The man was sooo overjoyed that she had received and then Bro. Marks prayed for him as well. He received the gift of salvation with evidence of tongues!!! They asked Bro. Marks if he thought that the Pastor would dedicate their children and wouldn't you know it, this weekend was already scheduled for a baby/child dedication service!!!!!!!!! SO, they are coming on Sunday to dedicate their children and I can't wait to see their faces after they have heard the message "The Sure Mercies of David" that Bro. Booker preaches so often on Baby Dedication days!!!!

The miraculous and inspiring stories are too numerous to be written and contained on this blog!! But I hope that the above mentioned information and story will lift you up and inspire you to reach out to a lost and dying world and be a light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!