Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Troubled on every side by the folly of self-will

The last few days have been days of profound thought, intense prayer, and grave concern .

I have been thinking about people I know who have very recently decided, according to them, to do their own thing for a while. No more church, all its' rules and such for them. No sir, now they will have the freedom to do whatever, whenever, with whomever. Elbowroom to drink until they are so drunk they don't feel conviction when they sleep around on their spouse or significant other. Liberty to dress however they want, totally disregarding the Word of God which instructs us to be modest in apparel. Abandon to listen to or play music that fills their heads with hate, disregard for authority, lustful thoughts and vulgar lyrics.

My backsliding friends don't want to to do without the world and it's pleasures anymore. The strictures of the church and the commandments of the Bible are too much. They don't want to not wear make-up, dress modestly, abstain from alcohol and drugs, forgo the lust of the flesh. That is just too legalistic in their estimation.

The thought keeps coming to me about how inconsequential those little things we, as saints of God, choose to do without and refrain from partaking of are going to be in the scope of eternity. Will choosing to do your own thing and not following the Word of God, letting little things creep in and take over your salvation because you don't want to stand firm in the face of temptation, or thinking that the restrictions of the Bible are too taxing, be worth eternal damnation????

I would rather do without some things that "might" be okay but are asked of me by my pastor not to do. When I make heaven and perhaps find out that I could have done something I refrained from, it won't matter because I will have made it! But to stand in judgement, having chosen to do things I was counseled in the Word or by the pastor not to do, and find out that because of my wickedness God "knows me not" would be a hellish torment in and of itself.

I have been praying for my friends, family, the lost, the church, and myself to make it all the way to heaven where we will hear "Well done thou good and faithful servant." I desperately want to hear those words spoken by our God!! I have shed copious tears for those who, by their own folly, are blinded to the signs of the endtime and the Lord's soon return. I have prayed for wisdom to minister to my children, my family, my friends and those whom I meet along the way.

A phrase keeps resounding in my head.

"Self-willed whims wreak havoc with the health and wealth of a soul."

I know I have allowed my self-will to damage my walk with God in the past but I am eternally grateful that God is faithful to forgive when we repent and TURN away from our wicked self-willed ways. I told someone today, "As long as we are human, we can still be tempted and fall if we are not prayed up and close to our Saviour." I don't want to return to my folly, the vomit of sin (sorry to be so graphic), self recrimination or being far from the anointing of God!! I want my will to be submitted, surrendered, and God-centered!!!!!!

Please, my blogger friends, don't be lax in these last days.
Press toward the mark of the high calling of God!!

Just don't let your self-willed whims wreak havoc with your soul. Stay healthy and wealthy in your soul. Store up treasures, prayers, and blessing in the storehouses of heaven. Make it all the way!

I am praying for you! Please, pray for me! Let's make heaven our home!