Thursday, October 4, 2007

William Tell Overture For Moms

If you are a Mom, this says it all!!!

Joy of Good Ethos

the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature or
guiding beliefs of a people or group
One definition said this word originated from the Greek
and one possible translation in English could be
"to appear."
Now, you might be asking why in the world I am looking up such an obscure word?
And who really cares anyways?
  1. We should all care what others think of us!
  2. We should all be aware that everything we do and say is creating ethos in our lives.
  3. We should all realize that even if we never speak to someone, they perceive our ethos from what they see of us!!


  • Why am I studying this word? I learned it last year in my speech class. However, until I heard it again this semester while in the classes I am SI Leader for, I hadn't grasped what ethos truly is! The instructor I work with was talking to one of her classes last week about ethos and what it means to a speaker and the audience who is listening. She made this statement that has been eating at me all week; "From the moment you walk into a room, your audience is "judging" your credibility. Even a trip to the grocery store could establish your ethos with someone who will hear you speak in the future!" She told of going to the store, through the register to make her purchase and having a surface conversation with the female clerk. Several months later, the clerk showed up in one of her speech classes. Both the clerk and the instructor had an "impression" or perception of who the other person was based on that quick experience months before.
  • This perception is based on your appearance and clothing, your choice of words when you converse, your facial expressions (even when you aren't aware that someone is watching you ) and the car you drive. If this is the case and people are always "perceiving" our ethos, then everything we say, wear, and do, is creating an awareness of who we are. Now, I know you might be thinking this is just for speech makers but if so, you're wrong!
  • As a people who have surrendered their sinful past to Christ, repented, been baptized in Jesus' Name, and received the Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in tongues, we are commanded to share the Gospel. We are to be a "separate people" who live sober lives that magnify God. Are we exemplifying Christ? Are our actions speaking louder than our words? Do we practice what we preach or believe? Do we treat people, both saved and unsaved, like Christ would treat them? Do we speak in love? Or do we dress one way, professing a christian walk while we sin, treat our friends and enemies with disdain, and deliver a mixed-up message to those who see us?
  • The Bible says for those who are saved to come out of the world, be a separate people and then to go out to spread the good news of Jesus' saving grace. If we are going to be a shining beacon of hope to the lost, our ethos must send out that same message. When people see us as we go about our day, they must see the love of Christ. They must see someone who doesn't look like the world, act like the world, or talk like the world. They have to see someone who doesn't go where the world goes but walks upright and holy. We must make wise choices in our actions, our words, and our clothing so that those who are lost can see someone who is DIFFERENT from everyone else around them! We must appear as one who walks humbly before the Lord and who practices what they preach.
The meaning of this little Greek word, ethos, has powerfully impacted my every thought and action. Especially, now that I am working outside my home and coming in contact with the lost everyday. I want my life to speak to those I meet and create a question in their minds as to why I seem so different. I want them to wonder and then ask why I live the way I do. I want those at church to feel that they can trust me to be in tune with God when I sing, play the piano, or lead the choir. I want God to know He can trust me to be a living example of His forgiving grace. I want my children and husband to be able to perceive a change in me. To feel they can trust me to do what is right.
A song God blessed me with, Lifesong, is a shining example of this quest. The words are in the margin. I pray that this post blesses you and that we all become beacons of positive ethos, or moral character, that proclaim the salvation of our God!