Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Joys

Happy Valentine Day everyone!

Today, Mark went to the doctor and was told....surprise, surprise....he has the FLU! Yes, the FLU! Who would'a thunk it? LOL He did get some awesome meds and is feeling some relief from the chills and fevers. The kids stayed home due to fevers and coughs all night and we had a quite day of rest.

Since we both are sick, it wasn't a very "romantic" day. However, Marissa and Jessica were awesome and made us dinner. They made, from scratch, heart shaped chicken, zuchini, and tomato pizzas with a wonderful Romano cheese and garlic sauce. They made the dough and sauce from scratch and it tasted sooooo yummy! They also served a Ceasar salad and made a Tiramisu for desert. The tiramisu was made with a wine cake (secret family recipe) and layered with pineapple, strawberries, and french vanilla whip cream!! Delicioso!!! They decorated the table and had Mark and I sit next to each other (we normally sit on opposite ends of the table.) I wish I had taken a picture, especially of the heart shaped individual pizzas, but I didn't.

I hope all of you had a nice day and were blessed to be surrounded by those who love and cherish you. God bless and keep you until we "meet" again.

UPDATE re: Sniffles, Coughs, and Wheezes!

For those of you who read the RN's suggestion re: the solution to the sniffles being passed around which led to ILC sounding like a TB ward, I took her suggestion and stayed home tonight with my VERY ill husband and relapsing son! Mark is running a fever, has the chills, and sounds horrible. Justin was doing better until about 8 PM tonight when he started coughing and "wheezing". At one point, he was crying because he felt like he couldn't breathe. Please don't tell anyone but I gave him a short puff of my albuterol inhaler and he is sleeping peacefully now in the recliner in my front room so that he is propped up and can breathe easier.

Tomorrow, I will call the Dr. and ask for another round of antibiotics for myself since my cough is growing worse at the end of this first regimen of Z-pac. It is awful to take meds and then relapse!!!!! WAAAAHHHH....I am soooooo tired of being sick! Oops, sorry for whining!

I covet your prayers for Mark, Justin and myself, as well as Marissa and Jessica who are just now starting the coughing. Maybe I will just tell the Dr. to give ALL 5 of us a Z-pac. That should help kick this flu bug (and bronchitis) to the curb! God bless and keep each of you from this horrible flu bug and remember to get your flu shots next year AND to stay home when you are sick instead of sharing your illness with your church family! LOL

I will sign off now, go take another hit of Albuterol and crawl into bed.
Good night!