Saturday, January 2, 2010


Happy New anyone who still is interested in this blog after such a long dry spell (4 months!!) :-)

2009 is gone and a new year has begun. We had a wonderful time visiting with family this last week and got home in the wee hours of today. Driving home was an interesting experience.

I haven't driven in fog for several years now. Luckily, we have missed most of it in our cross-Cali travels. Driving last night, we encountered a very heavy fog along the I-5 corridor. It was so heavy that I was driving 45-50 mph at times. I could see taillights of cars that flew past us but only for a few seconds as they quickly were swallowed up by the fog. As it got thicker, I was praying constantly and it would lift slightly for a few moments. Then it got super thick and when the kids noticed how slow we were going, they finally noted the fog. They immediately got worried and I told them just to pray and ask God to lift the fog for us. Within less than a minute of them doing so, the fog lifted and never returned! The kids were so excited to see instant answer to prayer! Thank you, Lord for doing so and increasing their faith!

This morning as I recalled the events of the evening, I thought about how life mirrors this story. So many of us go along through life seeing clearly and trusting God to see us through. Then we encounter a "foggy stretch" and can't seem to find our way. Some, like the speed demons who flew past us last night, keep trucking and hoping that they won't hit anything in their path. They barrel through life with little regard to the fact that they can't see clearly. Some make it through without incident. Occasionally, the fog hides obstacles until it is too late and a crash occurs. Some come out of their wrecked situation damaged. Some survive with minor scratches and have a new respect for life. Some don't survive and perhaps even take innocent lives as a result of their crash.

Then you have those like me who slow down and realize it is time to call on God to see them through to safety. The fog slows them down and makes them look at life more carefully. And when God, as He ALWAYS does, brings them through to the other side, their faith is renewed and their eyes see more clearly than before. They avoid wrecked lives by fully relying on God's promises to protect them and guide them.

I pray that in 2010 when foggy situations arise, I will be reminded to slow down, call on my Father, and allow Him to lead me through to a new understanding and a clear view of the road ahead.

May God bless and keep you in His hand throughout the coming year.