Monday, November 3, 2008

All In Him - Lyrics Included

To all my fellow Oneness, Apostolic, Pentecostal, Jesus Name people,
For shame, for shame, for shame!

I went looking online for lyrics to the song "All In Him" and it is posted nowhere!!!! What I did find was site after site that talked about His name(s) but then said He is part of the Trinity. One site even said in it's listing, "OUR Prince of Peace? OUR Everlasting Father? OUR Mighty God? .... So Jesus cannot be THE TRUE GOD but he is designated with the title "God" ..."

I recently was on Youtube...which I try to limit my use of...and was listening to a song by Kirk Franklin. The lyrics were the "video" and at the end, there was an ad for a United Pentecostal Church back East. In this video, the lyrics say that Jesus is the true son. second in the Godhead. Again, WHAT?

So, I posted this comment to the video: "Hello, I have one question! If you are an UPC church, why do you have a song that talks about Jesus being the second in the trinity as an ad for your services?? Jesus IS God in the flesh and there is NO trinity in the Bible! He IS the First, the Last, the ONLY way!!"

The person who had posted the ad replied: "yeah! i agree with everything you said (your beliefs) but i liked the overall message of the song and to be honest i didn't realize it said that!
thanks for your concern!"

How can we allow the One God message not to be our clarion call??? If we are posting an ad for services, shouldn't we have songs, lyrics, etc. that proclaim WHO Jesus is? We definitely should not have a song that features the trinity!!! How confusing!!!

So, I am posting the words to the song, "All In Him" and hoping that now when someone does an online search, they will find this song that declares that Jesus is God!!

All In Him
by: George Farrow

Verse 1

The mighty God is Jesus
The Prince of Peace is He
The Everlasting Father
The King Eternally
The Wonderful in wisdom
By whom all things were made
The fullness of the Godhead
in Jesus is displayed

Verse 2
Emmanuel God with us
Jehovah Lord of hosts
The omnipresent Spirit
Who fills the universe
The Advocate The High Priest
The Lamb for sinners slain
The Author of redemption
Oh glory to His name

Verse 3
The Alpha and Omega
Beginning and the End
The Living Word incarnate
The helpless sinner's friend
Our wisdom and perfection
Our righteousness and power
Yea all we need in Jesus
We find this very hour

Verse 4
Our God for whom we've waited
Will be the glad refrain
Of Israel recreated
When Jesus comes again
Lo He will come and save us
Our King and Priest to be
For in Him dwells all fullness
And Lord of All is He

It's all in Him
It's all in Him
The fullness of the Godhead is all in Him
It's all in Him
It's all in Him
The Mighty God is Jesus and
It's all in Him


Just a thought said...

Yes, I am well aware of the difficulty of locating words to some of the go old Oneness Pentecostal standard songs of days gone by. For that very reason I have file of nothing but older to very old Oneness Pentecostal songs of the, “Good old days of Pentecost.” I am very happy that these old songs are still song by our fellowship. Keep on singing them!!!


~Barb~ said...

You GO Girl!!!!

Joanna Moore said...

Thank you, Thank you! I am the worship leader at an Apostolic/Pentecostal church and felt led to include this song in tomorrow's worship serv. Now I have the lyrics for our screen. (I'm sure there are many that have never heard this awesome song and they need to SEE it and HEAR it and be empowered by its msg.). Blessings, Joanna Moore - OH

Erica Rose said...

So here I was trying to look up lyrics for this song, since I am helping write up the songs for Music Festival, and I type it in google and click on this link.... and IT WAS YOUR BLOG! It made me so happy! Thanks! lol

Kendra Thaler said...

Coming from an EX trinitation I am so pleased to see that someone still loves this ONE GOD MESSAGE! I'll retort it until I pass out and die! There is only ONE Lord who is above all, in all and through all! His name is JESUS, and yes it is ALL in HIM!! Glory to God!

John_Paul said...

Sister, I was preaching in Summerside PEI this past weekend and I was preaching on the Oneness of God. So this song has been running in my head for a week. And when I was searching for the lyrics for "It's all in him" this blog came up. I have only been saved for 14 years so this song is rarely ever sung. Thank you for posting this and God bless!


NormaJ said...

Thanks so much for posting this WONDERFUL song that tells the Oneness of God. I have been Apostolic, Oneness Pentecostal all my life...I am now 73 years old! I love the time we are living in and can see prophecy unfold before our eyes. JESUS CHRIST IS COMING SOON!!!

Anonymous said...

Heard an AWESOME Bible study at church tonight on the revelation of who Jesus is. They sang this song during the altar service, but didn't know all the words. Alas, we haven't used song books at our church for many years, so I was anxious to get home and search for the words on line. So glad to find them here on your blog. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

It's All in Him is a great song.
It is page number 369 in the Pentecostal Hymnal!
I am not and church and was trying to verify the words in my head when I searched it online!
Glad to find it here!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this wonderful song. I have sung it much of my oneness Apostolic life and love it. I had been given the daunting task of leading song service for our cell group. Our church only sings the new praise music and our group misses the old standards that declare our faith and touches hearts.

Brent Long said...

Can you post a chord chart for this?

Jana McVay said...

Bro Long, i have a lead sheet. Do you have Dropbox? If so, i so I would be happy to share it with you.

Anonymous said...

I love this song! We still use the hymnal in our church, as well as singing some of the newer praise choruses. We sing this song often. :)

Anonymous said...

I really like this song as I have sung it many times as a special. This is one of those "declaration songs". I enjoy the new and old music but there is something powerful about proclaiming the truth of who Jesus is. As for other music out there I change the lyrics rather than sing something that proclaims Jesus to be anything less than who He is.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to truly know who our Lord and Saviour is Jesus is God Almighty forever more!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Same here, for tomorrow. Needed the words so thanks!

Unknown said...

Thank you. Needed it for tomorrow! Gonna teach it to some trinitarians. I was once one. Thank Good for truth.

Anonymous said...

Page 369 in "Sing Unto the Lord" hymnal, published by Word Aflame Press.

Anonymous said...

We were just singing this song at church today. Thanks for the lyric posting. You're absolutely right, its all in Him, Jesus, its all in Him. From Life Christian Center in Salinas,CA.

Anonymous said...

1 Timothy 3:16 ( KJV ) And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.

Question: How was God manifest, justified, seen, preached, believed on, received up? Who can answer?

Anonymous said...

Sis. McVay,
Went searching for these lyrics and yours was the first link I tried! Posted it to my fb. Thank you and Lord bless you!

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is, I love it!!! Preach!